Splunk Bots

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What is Splunk BOTS?

Splunk BOTS (Boss of the SOC) is a Capture The Flag-style competition designed by Splunk to enhance users' security skills.

It simulates real-world security analysis scenarios where participants use Splunk, a powerful data analytics tool, to solve a variety of challenges.

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How to Use It?

  1. Choose a Version: Start by selecting the version of BOTS you wish to explore. Each version corresponds to a specific set of challenges based on varied security scenarios.
  2. Choose a Question: Once a version is selected, a list of questions related to security scenarios will appear. Choose a question to begin.
  3. Answer the Challenge: After reading the challenge, use Splunk tools to analyze the data and formulate your answer.
  4. Submit Your Answer: Enter your answer in the provided field.
  5. Verification: Click the 'Verify' button to see if your answer is correct. Tips may be available to assist you in case of incorrect responses.