About Us

About Us

Company Name: SecuriTricks
Founded: 2021
Location: Belgium


At SecuriTricks, my mission is to provide information on the latest vulnerabilities, attack reports, and indicators of compromise (IOCs). I strive to offer a platform for cybersecurity professionals, enabling them to have a quick and simplified view of current threats.


Founded in 2021, SecuriTricks was born out of my passion for cybersecurity. With experience in cybersecurity since 2020, I hold Security+ and SOC Analyst (EC-COUNCIL) certifications and work as a Security Analyst. I created this blog to share my knowledge and provide a valuable resource for other security experts.

What We Offer

SecuriTricks specializes in providing up-to-date information on vulnerabilities and attack reports. My threat intelligence service is designed to help professionals stay informed about the latest threats and make informed decisions to protect their systems.


For any questions or more information, please contact me at: info@securitricks.com